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I'm an atheist. I don't believe in God or any kind of god nor in elfes or the Great Green Arkleseizure. Nevertheless, I am a believer. I will explain why and how.

I grow up in a non religious family. There were no resentments against devoted people, there was simply no interest in ecclesiastical things. But I sensed a great distrust in reports about paranormal phenomena. And I shared this view to reality. I was deep impressed about the accuracy of science to describe reality in quantity. So I decided to study physics driven by curiosity, to understand the world from within. I was addicted to every kind of science-fiction, especially Star Trek and Stanisław Lem. And I had no doubt that this is the right path to the future, not only in technical terms but also in ethical and even aesthetic issues.

In my thirties I developed more interest in supernatural phenomena, read books about near death experiences, magical rituals and finally I packed up my job and became part of a spiritual community. I searched this deep experience of god, a divine confirmation to be on the right track. We exercised past life regression, meditation, reiki and channeling. It was all of good intentions, but the results were in fact - frankly spoken - pathetic. After four years of honest efforts I left the group. I wasn't the first who went off and others are followed. I did not get the impression that we had failed. Although it was definitely not a success story. But it showed to me that the search for god outside ourselves is a pointless venture.

I went back to my old habits and revised my convictions. First I removed all religious influences. Then I removed false expectations. And again I discovered the beauty and power of the scientific approach. There is no better way to get a glance of reality. Science doesn't try to give meaning to life. But it provides a solid foundation and don't promises more than it delivers. The last point is perhaps the most important.

But science does not specify what needs to be done. It describes how to do it. You are free to find your own way. Thats why it makes no sense to believe in science. I believe in that what science is making possible: progress. Whatever we do it moves us further. Do it in a in a heartfelt way and everybody benefits.

If you have fear to live without a religion read this or this.

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